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Topsoil Delivery

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What is Topsoil?

If you’ve ever done gardening in your yard, then you’ve interacted with topsoil. Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, and typically runs four to twelve inches deep. The texture of said topsoil, and its composition, depending on the natural soil that you already have. And topsoil is very important to landscaping and plants, as we will discuss below.

Why Buy Topsoil?

Topsoil Nourishes Your Plants

A good topsoil will have nutrients that are necessary for your plants. Topsoil protects plants, as well as seedlings. Many people believe that simply planting a plant in the ground in their yard will suffice, but often forget that the soil of different regions contains different levels of nutrients and toxins. 

Good topsoil will provide the nutrients your soil is lacking, as well as help correct toxins that ruin pH or create chemical imbalance. Certain chemicals in water or soil can be toxic to plants, so it’s always important to find out what exactly your plants will need. 

For example, we’ll go with calcium carbonate. Many states have extremely high levels of calcium carbonate already, which isn’t good for many plants. In that case, you’d want to pick a good topsoil that has plenty of nutrients but is low in calcium carbonate. That’s why it’s so important to check what nutrients and toxins your soil already has. 

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Topsoil Boosts Soil Drainage

Topsoil can improve soil drainage. This is very important for rainy or humid areas, or areas that are often hit with storms or floods. The soil has something called field capacity, which is how much water the soil can hold at maximum. Normal soil doesn’t drain very well, which means after it absorbs all that water, it just holds it until it is absorbed by plants, is dispersed somewhere else, or evaporates. That creates the squishy ground that we all hate so much, and in some cases, can cause root rot, a danger to plants. 

Certain blended topsoils improve soil drainage, allowing water to penetrate deeper and run off to other areas that have not yet reached field capacity. 

Topsoil Fixes Depressions and Erosion

Topsoil can help with depressions in the ground. It can be used to fill ground depressions and unevenness. 

Adding topsoil also helps fight soil erosion, which is a process where the impact of water or wind detaches or removes soil particles. Again, fighting soil erosion is particularly important in places that often flood, or often have high wind speeds. But many people just use it to fill out spots in their yards where the ground has become uneven, or where there are depressions, as they can be dangerous, especially if you have someone older living with you. 

Depressions can also be caused by poor drainage, which is why picking the right topsoil is important.

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Topsoil Looks Spectacular

Topsoil can be used for landscape cosmetic purposes as well. It can be used to fill in bare spots, or heavily trafficked areas that have been packed down or become uneven. Topsoil is a necessity when it comes to overseeding, which is spreading grass seeds over an existing lawn to increase a thin lawn (caused by frequent use of your lawn and/or improper care) or to reseed bald spots. If your lawn is looking a little bare and you’re looking to overseed, you have to have topsoil. 

Topsoil Can Regrade a Landscape

Regrading. This is related to landscaping, because regrading is the process of leveling out land to allow proper drainage of water. If you’ve ever had issues with water gathering in the middle of your yard or around your house, you may need to regrade your house. Water near your house can damage or even ruin the foundation, not to mention drown your plants and start root rot in your trees. Cracks or shifts in the foundation of a home or office building caused by water are serious structural issues. To prevent that, many regrade their houses with topsoil so it slopes down away from the house, allowing water to drain away from the house so the foundation and landscaping don’t suffer. This is especially important in areas that often floor or get a lot of rain. 

Topsoil is also extremely important because nearly 95% of the world’s food is grown in the uppermost layer of soil. However, soil erosion and conventional farming processes have taken away nearly 50% of the world’s productive topsoil in the last 150 years, which is why it’s so important. Many areas don’t even have any topsoil, or if they do, it’s only an inch at most. That’s why many companies like ours provide delivery of topsoil, because it’s vital to the survival of many plant species. 

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What Type of Topsoil Do I Buy?

There are many types of topsoil, and each have their own benefits and problems. There are both the topsoils we sell (to correct issues and provide nutrients) as well as the topsoil you already have in your yard. 


Our topsoil is native soil screened so that we catch most of the large clumps. Topsoil is great for grading, fighting erosion, and filling in depressions. Sold bulk or in bags.


LeafGro is a soil amendment that promotes healthy plants. LeafGro is made from decomposing lawn trimmings, so the nutrients return to the soil. Sold bulk or in bags.

Topsoil LeafGro Mix

A 50/50 blend of our native topsoil and the LeafGro soil amendment. Great for starting up a new lawn or bed. Sold in bulk or bags.

Why Buy Topsoil from Hawkins Landscape Supply? 

Unlike other companies, going with Hawkins is extremely convenient. You don’t need to have a truck or van, and you don’t have to carry heavy bags. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house! 

We can bring it to you and put it on your driveway. No truck needed on your part.

Just give us a call, and we can help you find out what topsoil mixture is perfect for your lawn! After all, topsoil is one of our specialties.