Firewood Delivery in Suburban Maryland & Northwest D.C.

Free Firewood Delivery!

Free Firewood Delivery

There’s a reason people around the world have been burning wood to heat their homes for thousands of years. Actually, there are many reasons. It’s cheap, convenient, and creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. In the old days, however, people spent hours gathering, seasoning, chopping, and moving firewood to prepare for winter. 

At Hawkins Landscape Supply, we deliver firewood to your door so that you can enjoy all the advantages of a natural fire without any of the back-breaking labor. On this page, we’ll talk about the benefits of firewood as a heat source and explain why our delivery services make far more sense than attempting to carry out the work yourself.

Firewood Delivery is Convenient

Hauling firewood is serious work. Depending on where you enter the process, you could find yourself sawing trees into smaller pieces to transport and season. This requires tools and machinery, expertise, and intensive amounts of time and labor. Given the challenges of processing firewood, it generally makes sense to leave the work to people with the equipment and experience to do the job in less time with less energy invested. This especially includes loading and hauling the firewood to its final destination.

Hawkins Landscape Supply will source the firewood for you and deliver it to your driveway. We do the heavy lifting and transporting in vehicles meant for the work. Without a truck, this work would prove far more tedious and even with your own truck, you are stuck doing it all yourself. The only time investment required from you is a phone call to Hawkins Landscape Supply to decide which type and amount to receive promptly to your home and stacking.

Tea mug with burning flame on hearth and fireplace indoors.

Firewood is a Cheap Heat Source

According to experts, wood is by far the most efficient way to heat your home. Compared to gas and electricity, firewood creates more heat per unit. In order to compare the costs kilowatt hours of electricity to cubic feet of propane to cords of firewood, you must convert each to a common heat unit called a British Thermal Unit. This is the amount of heat energy needed to bring one pound of water up one degree Fahrenheit. Once you figure out how much fuel equates to a measure of BTU, you can then determine the cost of each fuel relative to the BTU it can produce, providing a standard cost per unit measure across different fuel sources. Researchers at Oregon State compiled data comparing cost per million BTUs: natural gas was $16, electricity was $28, propane was $36, and douglas fir wood (medium efficiency relative to other woods) cost $12.

While wood can vary widely in its BTU output, you can purchase species that are especially heat efficient. Hardwood is generally preferred over pine and other coniferous species and among the hardwoods oak, maple, and ash species can provide high values of heat. 

Firewood Stores Easily if Done Right

Storing firewood is not only easy but also benefits the wood itself by allowing it to dry and burn more efficiently. When wood is recently chopped, it is called “green” since it contains much of the moisture and other residue from recently transporting water and other nutrients. Burning green firewood will produce lots of smoke and carbon monoxide but far less heat than aged wood. Green firewood needs to age, also known as “curing” or “seasoning,” so that it can dry. While Hawkins Landscape Supply delivers seasoned firewood, storing this wood properly can benefit the wood and prevent it from taking in excess moisture. 

Generally, it’s best to store wood outside since pests and critters like to take refuge among the logs. Find a spot with good airflow: a dry, breezy part of your property is best for allowing moisture to evaporate from the wood. It’s best to place wood at least a foot from any structure to allow the air to circulate. You can get inexpensive racks in which to stack your wood, keeping it off the ground and safe from the elements. 

Most importantly, make sure your wood is covered from rain and snow. Some racks will have built-in covers, but you can also purchase a firewood cover to drape over the wood. Once you’ve situated your wood in a space that will keep it dry and allow air circulation, you can let it age until you’re ready to use it. After the initial thinking around setting up a storage space, you won’t have to give it another thought. 

Pre-chopped Firewood is Safer Than Chopping Yourself

Chopping wood is an extremely energy intensive and often dangerous undertaking. It requires swinging a heavy ax over your head to come down on the wood and doing so repeatedly until you have split your log. It can be dangerous for multiple reasons. The first is the danger of striking yourself or someone else with the ax. This can result in serious injury or death. While there are certain precautions you can take and best practices to follow, splitting wood is inherently dangerous given the heavy wedge you’re using. 

The other danger of wood splitting is the health risks from sudden exertion, especially in people who do not exert themselves frequently. Demanding household chores like snow shoveling and wood splitting can result in heart attacks in those already at higher risk of heart conditions. If you’re not in great shape now and don’t plan on splitting wood enough to increase your fitness, it’s probably best to get pre-split firewood from Hawkins Landscape Supply. 

Firewood is a Good Backup Heat Source

Most urban homes have heat sources connected to a grid, like natural gas or electricity. Yet the natural disasters of the past few years have shown the vulnerability of U.S. energy infrastructure and the need for a Plan B in times of crisis. 

In the cold months, it’s always good to have a second way to supply heat to your home, or at least a couple rooms if you lose power or gas. Wood will always supply a consistent, foolproof way of providing warmth in times of desperation. 

Firewood Creates an Ambiance Like No Other

While the practicalities of firewood alone justify the purchase of a cord or two, its sensory features are the ones that will most impact your day-to-day experience. Burning wood has an aroma both rustic and complex, drawing you into the present moment yet harkening back to the days of old. The dancing light finds its way across the floor and up the walls, providing a comforting glow across the room. The smell, the sight, the feel of a wood fire has no substitute. 

Why Buy Firewood from Hawkins Landscape Supply?

Hawkins has served the community since 1979 with all sorts of fresh and local products. For years, Ann and Jimmy were staples of the community, and their businesses were a gathering place and friendly faces on the side of the road. When shopping for firewood, local matters. When you purchase firewood from Hawkins, you know that your money is going right back into the community, powering your home with a sustainable natural resource. 

Local firewood is also important from a pest perspective since it prevents pests and invasive species from hitching a ride on the wood as it travels. Give us a call today to discuss how we can best serve you.