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Homeowners in Maryland and Northwest Washington D.C. trust Hawkins Landscape Supply to deliver top-quality gravel and stone to their driveways because we are a local institution. Part of the community since the 1970s, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delighting customers.

We guarantee satisfaction and always offer FREE delivery on gravel and stone products.

Stone and Gravel Installation is Surprisingly Simple

Imagine a surface material that saves you the complexities of mixing, curing, or the meticulous task of fine-tuning with masonry sand. Stone and gravel stand out in this regard. Installation is astonishingly straightforward. Picture this: no more cutting materials to size, no more endless hours on your knees. The entire process is a marvel of simplicity. The materials are conveniently delivered right to your driveway, at no extra cost. All you have to do is spread them out where you want them, adjust the grading as necessary, and then allow about a week for settling. And just like that, you’re done. The ease of it all will leave you in disbelief.

Budget-Friendly Landscaping Materials

For home improvement on a tight budget, gravel and stone can’t be beat. 

Consider the typical expenses for other materials like asphalt and : the cutting, mixing, curing, and precise measuring. These processes not only consume time but also inflate the overall cost. In contrast, materials like asphalt and concrete, while popular, aren’t suited for DIY enthusiasts. Hiring professionals for these materials means labor costs skyrocket. Gravel, on the other hand, sidesteps these expenses with its minimal preparation needs, translating into substantial savings. Our process includes washing the gravel for uniform quality, preparing it to be delivered directly to you. And here’s the kicker – that delivery comes at no additional charge. Homeowners looking to cover expansive areas will find gravel’s affordability particularly appealing. In the face of the hefty sums demanded by long concrete or asphalt driveways, gravel stands out, costing just a fraction in comparison. For filling large spaces without draining your wallet, gravel is not just practical; it’s financially savvy.”

The Many Uses of Gravel and Stone


Gravel, a true bargain compared to asphalt and concrete, is a favorite among our customers for driveway construction. Its resilience under heavy loads and traffic, without the risk of sinking or cracking, is noteworthy. Plus, its permeability means water runoff isn’t a concern, and you can even tackle the installation yourself.


Homeowners often face costly issues like flooding, leaky basements, and waterlogged lawns due to poor drainage. Gravel and stone are ideal for resolving these problems, doubling as attractive landscaping elements. 

The French drain, a popular solution, involves a trench leading from the problem area to a better-drained location, filled with gravel or stone over a permeable pipe, effectively diverting water away.

Enhancing Flower Beds

Gravel provides a striking contrast to vibrant flowers, with the added benefits of low maintenance and soil warmth. Small gravels are excellent alternatives to mulch, preventing erosion and requiring less upkeep.

Larger stones can both beautify and protect soil beds. In rock gardens, our larger rocks create a dramatic effect, offering a solid foundation for mosses and creeping plants. Plants like hens and chicks, and sweet alyssum, thrive in and cascade over these rocky features.

Pathways and More

Gravel pathways are a practical solution for controlling mud and enhancing drainage, requiring minimal upkeep. They seamlessly connect outdoor spaces, harmonizing with the natural landscape. Small gravels are gentle underfoot and simple to lay, while larger stones can give a sense of elevation along the edges.

Effortless Upkeep for Gravel and Stone Landscaping

Maintaining your gravel and stone landscaping is super simple. Properly graded, these surfaces typically resist the formation of potholes and erosion. Yet, occasional dips might appear. In such cases, simply having some extra gravel to sprinkle into these areas is enough. It naturally settles and compacts, effortlessly restoring the surface. To keep the appearance fresh, it’s advisable to overlay your existing gravel with a new, thin layer every few years.

Weed control is also a part of the maintenance routine. Despite initial measures like laying weed cloth, those pesky weeds tend to emerge. Fortunately, gravel and stone areas respond well to chemical weed killers, ensuring your landscaping remains pristine and hassle-free.