No-cost Mulch Delivery in Richmond, VA

Searching for convenient landscape materials in the Richmond, Virginia, area? Look no further than Hawkins Landscape Supply! Just relax and let us ship your products right to your door for FREE!  

Why Do Richmond Homeowners Choose Hawkins?

Because it’s a standout choice! Hawkins Landscape Supply is a family-operated establishment catering to homeowners, business owners, and landscape contractors for over 50 years. Over these years, we’ve built a solid reputation by consistently delivering premium products and maintaining spectacular service for everyone!

Premium Garden Mulch Delivery in Richmond

What enhances a home’s appearance? Undoubtedly, it’s top-quality mulch! Hawkins offers a double-shredded hardwood bark mulch that will transform your lawn into a picturesque scene straight out of a home and garden magazine!

Our mulch is perfect for every season and endures for years. In the sweltering Richmond summers, the mulch decomposes, enriching your soil with essential nutrients your plants crave. During the chilly Richmond winters, our mulch acts as a protective blanket, maintaining warmth, preserving moisture, and safeguarding your plants throughout the cold months.

Explore our extensive palette of colors to find the perfect match for your unique landscaping vision!

Close up of a person shoveling the ground with a shovel on topsoil.

Topsoil: The Ideal Garden Kick-Start

Looking to elevate your garden’s growth? Opt for our nutrient-packed topsoil, leafgro, or a combination of both!

Our locally sourced soil blends supply the essential minerals and nutrients to ensure the prosperity of any garden or lawn. Leverage our topsoil to give your garden a vigorous initial boost. After a lengthy Richmond winter, you can rely on our expertly crafted topsoil blends to rejuvenate your grass, ensuring it springs back with vitality!

Seasoned, Dry Firewood

The holiday season is synonymous with family warmth, but that shouldn’t mean a spike in your heating expenses. During the chilly Richmond winter, add a few logs of Hawkins Seasoned Firewood to your hearth and maintain a warm atmosphere in your home. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like gathering around a crackling fire while a winter storm swirls outside, especially when you’re well-stocked with firewood to keep your loved ones warm.

Our firewood is meticulously seasoned, and we ensure it stays dry with protective covers, guaranteeing quick and easy lighting. We offer air-dried firewood and kiln-dried options for an even faster ignite.

Firewood stacked up

The Protective Power of Fill Dirt

Everyone has heard the saying “cheap as dirt”, but not all dirt is created equal. Why settle for ordinary dirt in your landscaping endeavors when you can opt for the finest? Hawkins’ fill dirt boasts a significantly higher clay content than typical dirt, enhancing its water-resistant properties and safeguarding your home’s foundation against water damage. Considering the substantial amount of snow that Richmond experiences, which eventually melts in spring, Hawkins’ fill dirt becomes an essential choice!

Our fill dirt is not just a barrier against foundation issues; it also resists decomposition, movement, and settling over time, making it an excellent choice for both extensive and small-scale projects. Even for minor tasks like filling in holes left by moles, your project deserves the highest quality dirt. So, why compromise?

Create the Ideal Lawn Fast with Sod

Maintaining a lawn can be challenging. You might enjoy a lush lawn in autumn, but then winter arrives, and you’re starting from scratch. You could try reseeding, but until those seeds mature, your yard may appear uneven. Why endure a patchy lawn when you can have a pristine one delivered straight to your doorstep with free delivery?

For those dealing with erosion issues or managing a sloped yard, sod is indispensable. Unlike grass seeds, sod establishes itself rapidly, making it an excellent choice for the quick rainfall characteristic of Richmond!

Man laying down sod
A bale of straw

Straw: Your Richmond Lawn’s Shield Against Sun and Moisture

Prefer not to use sod but still aim for a thriving lawn? Hawkins straw bales are your solution! Ideal for initiating a new lawn or enhancing an existing one, a layer of straw is just what you need. It offers insulation at a more affordable rate than bark mulch and safeguards your seeds from being a feast for the birds. Plus, there’s no need for clean-up; it naturally breaks down, enriching your lawn with additional nutrients.

But it’s not just for home use; straw is invaluable for commercial projects too! A simple layer of straw can prevent runoff from contaminating nearby areas. It also protects your fresh concrete from the cold, ensuring you save both money and worry.

Straw Products Coming Soon!

Wood Chips: A Trailblazing Solution for Richmond

Wood chips are like the versatile cousins of bark mulch. While bark mulch is a favorite for gardens, wood chips excel in roles that mulch doesn’t quite fill. Though they don’t offer as many nutrients as bark mulch, they break down at a much slower rate, making them an ideal choice for garden pathways, jogging trails, playgrounds, and any spot where weed prevention is key. Available in a variety of hues, we’re equipped to pair you with the perfect wood chips to meet any of your specific requirements!