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Lawn Maintenance Made Easier

Maintaining your lawn can be a tiring task. It’s essential to keep your yard looking full and green, especially when living in an HOA neighborhood, but at times it can seem like an impossible task. The elements can beat down and destroy your lawn, and despite placing grass seeds, the seeds never seem to take. 

You could lay fertilizer or till the ground, maybe lay a few layers of sod, but with the endless options, one may run into trouble knowing just what to do. Lawn work is never easy, and that’s an understatement. Whether you want to help grass seeds grow, or protect your plants from the elements, you can do all you can, but how do you go about accomplishing that task? With the right tools, anyone can successfully grow their lawns, but what’s the right tool? 

What is Straw?

Straw is a simple product. It’s dried stalks of cereal plants that are commonly used to feed animals or for weaving purposes. Many don’t think too much of it, as few understand the entirety of its benefits. Although unassuming in its appearance, it has many surprising properties that could ensure the health and well-being of not only your garden but other projects you may have. Hawkins Landscape Supply is no stranger when it comes to straw, and we have been recommending it not only for our customers but for ourselves as well for the benefits it possesses. 

Why Buy Straw?

Straw has many benefits for a lawn, which is why Hawkins Landscape Supply always keeps it in stock. 

Straw Protects Grass Seeds

Straw is essential for the regrowth of lawns as it provides protection from a variety of things many wouldn’t think of. Grass seeds are delicate and are often swept away by harsh winds or washed away during a heavy storm. To make matters worse your grass seeds could be devoured by birds and other herbivores. If too much grass seed is lost, your lawn may become patchy and disjointed. A layer of straw not only protects the grass from outside elements but keeps the grass seedlings from getting too overheated and burnt by the sunlight. 

The straw will not hurt the seedling growth, however, as plenty of light can seep through the cracks and seedings won’t have a problem growing through it. 

This simple protection lawyer helps with germination and keeps the seedlings protected long enough for them to germinate and grow to a full healthy size.

Straw Insulates Grass and Plants

Not only does straw protect grass from the heat, but it also protects grass and many other varieties of plants from the cold. By forming a barrier, the straw starts an all-natural greenhouse effect. It traps the heat of the plants inside itself like a blanket, keeping the roots and stems safe from the cold and protecting them from frost and the damage it may cause. 

Now, straw can’t save your plants from deep snow, but if you accidentally planted your garden early, it could be the very thing to save your new seedlings from a sudden frost if such a weather event arises. Eventually, when the frost dissipates and the straw decays, not only will your plants have survived the sudden freeze but they will have gained a few extra nutrients as well, ensuring their growth and survival for upcoming seasons.

Straw Protects Commercial Zones

Straw has many uses, even commercial applications. For example, many contractors will use it when curing concrete in the winter. Concrete, if cured too fast, will lose its strength and quality and make for a weak foundation, which could be detrimental for a large-scale building project. Not only could this cause foundational issues but it could a severe loss of money, especially if you have to pay to have the concrete scrapped and redone. 

If a layer of straw is added the concrete will cool slower as the straw forms a barrier over it, creating a greenhouse effect. It’s similar to what it does for seed, but in this case, it ensures safety and peace of mind.

Not only does Straw help support a strong foundation, but can protect nearby areas from runoff. Developmental site runoff can be detrimental to the environment, as during storms chemicals like paint, concrete washout, gasoline, wastewater, oil can leave the site and contaminate local streams, rivers, and lakes. Not to mention it could cause if it enters a residential stormwater system, which could cause a number of problems for the community it affects. 

If a company is found responsible for these damages it could result in several lawsuits or the end of a business, but a simple barrier of straw could prevent that. If placed properly around the site, straw bales can soak up runoff and debris and keep it from going farther than the barrier placed. Given it’s inexpensive and easy to move, it makes a preferred barrier that many companies use to this day.

Why Buy Straw from Hawkins Landscape Supply?

Hawkins Landscape Supply has provided their clients quality products, not to mention over 40+ years of service. Our straw is not only top quality but hand-selected by staff to ensure the satisfaction of our custumers and a beautiful lawn. We have a 10 bale minimum per customer. You can rest assured you will have more than you need to see your gardening project or your construction product to its full completion. Call us, and we’ll be happy to answer any more questions you have and help you fulfill your gardening or construction needs.