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Installing turf rolls in the garden

Ready to Go

There are many different options when it comes to preparing your lawn for some new additions, changing up the look because you’re a new homeowner or you want to raise the property value. And, of course, many people look into fixing their lawns because of structural problems or damage from natural causes, such as storms or wear and tear. 

For many people, the idea of trying to fix or rework their lawn is a daunting one. After all, who wants to reseed their lawn every few months to fix bald spots? Who wants to struggle with growing grass in a climate that may not be exactly easy to handle?

For those people – and it may be you – there’s a simple solution: sod. Sod is basically grass in a ready-to-go form. It’s often sold in rolls with plenty of roots and can be easily installed. 

Sod versus Seed

This is a common debate, and it’s understandable why people stand strongly on both sides. We’ll explain the two sides here.

On one hand, we have seed, which can be a pain to install. It requires research into the proper types of grass you can use and identifying the one you already have (or the one that works best for your area), being able to read and understand grass seed labels, manual labor (mowing down of existing grass until short and sowing of seeds, not to mention watering), and time (it takes a bit). Many people like this option because it can be relatively cheap, which makes it appealing despite all the work.

Gardener applying turf rolls