No-cost Mulch Delivery in Chevy Chase, MD

Searching for convenient landscape materials in the Chevy Chase area? Look no further than Hawkins Landscape Supply! Just relax and let us ship your products right to your door for FREE!  

Why Do Chevy Chase Homeowners Choose Hawkins?

Because it’s unlike anything else! Hawkins Landscape Supply is a community oriented, family owned business that has been serving the public for the last fifty years. Throughout the decades we’ve earned the trust of our clients by providing top-tier products and fair services for all!

Top Tier Garden Mulch for Chevy Chase Delivery

What makes a home look good? Why quality bark mulch of course! Hawkins carries a specialized double-shredded hardwood bark mulch that will make your lawn look like it popped out of a magazine!

Our mulch is great for any season, and lasts for many years to come! When temperatures rise in the summer, the mulch breaks down, providing nutrients your plants need. Although Chevy Chase winters can be freezing, our mulch will keep your plants safe as they’ll help insulate, retain moisture, and keep your plants warm all winter long.

With our wide range of hues you can find just about anything to match your landscape vision perfectly!

Close up of a person shoveling the ground with a shovel on topsoil.

Topsoil: The Perfect Garden Starter

Need to give your plants an extra boost? Try our nutrient-rich topsoil, leafgro, or both! Our native soils packs deliver the minerals and nutrients to help any garden or lawn thrive.

Use any of our numerous topsoil mixtures to give your garden a powerful starting boost. After a long Maryland winter you can even use our specially blended topsoil to help your grass bounce right back!

Seasoned, Moisture-Free Firewood

The holidays are a beautiful time of familial warmth, but that warmth shouldn’t result in an expensive heating bill. During the cold Chevy Chase winter, just toss a few logs of Hawkins Seasoned Firewood on the fire and keep your home cozy. After all, there isn’t anything better than sitting around a fire while a blizzard roars outside, knowing you’ve stocked up on firewood to keep you and your family warm. 

Our firewood is always seasoned, and our covers keep the moisture away, so it’ll light without a hitch. We not only provide air-dried firewood, but also kiln-dried woods, which lights even quicker. 

Firewood stacked up

The Protective Power of Fill Dirt

The phrase “cheap as dirt” is a common one, but not all dirts are equal. Why use any old dirt for rebuilding a landscape when you can have the best? 

Hawkins’ fill dirt contains a much higher clay content than most, which better repels water and protects your home’s foundation from water damage. Given how much Chevy Chase Snow melts in the spring, Hawkins’ fill dirt is a must!

Our fill dirt not only prevents foundation damage but it resists decomposition, shifting and settling in the long term, making it perfect for any large scale project. Even small projects like patching mole holes deserve the best quality dirt, so why settle for less?

Create the Perfect Lawn Fast with Sod

Lawn care can be a pain. You have a beautiful lawn in the fall, then winter comes and you’re back to square one. You can regrow grass seeds to various levels of success, but until they sprout your lawn will look patchy. Why bother with the raggedy lawn when you can have one delivered right to your door with free delivery.

If you have erosion-prone or sloped lawn, sod is a necessity. Unlike grass seeds, sod takes root quickly which is perfect for the Chevy Chase rainfalls!

Man laying down sod
A bale of straw

Straw Helps Protect Your Chevy Chase Lawn from Sun and Water

Don’t want sod, but still want a luscious lawn right? Well Hawkins Straw Bales are here to save the day! Whether you’re starting a new lawn afresh or tidying up an old one, a layer of straw is the perfect thing. Not only does it provide warmth at a cheaper price than bark mulch, it keeps the birds from eating the seeds. There’s no clean up necessary, as it will decompose and  give your lawn an extra boost of nutrients.

Not only is it good for domestic projects, it’s essential for commercial projects too! A simple straw layer can keep runoff from accidentally polluting nearby areas. It can also prevent your fresh concrete from getting too cold, saving you money and peace of mind. 

Straw Products Coming Soon!

Wood Chips: A Literal Trailblazer for Chevy Chase

Wood chips are the cousins of bark mulch. While bark mulch is the staple of choice for gardens, wood chips can serve in many capacities mulch can’t. Although it doesn’t provide as many nutrients as bark mulch, it decays much slower, making it a perfect fit for garden paths, jogging trails, playgrounds, and anywhere else you want to prevent weeds. Coming in an array of colors, we can match you with just the right wood chip to fit any needs!